You Can Run Doom on a Chip From a $15 Ikea Smart Lamp : gadgets


This really just highlights for me how “smart” everyday objects are getting. Most lamps are just on and off, but this lamp apparently needs a computer strong enough to run video games.

Even everyday computers are getting very powerful. I was lended a two year old laptop not long ago. Nothing special, just integrated graphics. Very much made for the basic computer user. I was shocked to discover that it ran the emulator Dolphin without any problems at all besides shader compilation. I’m used to Dolphin needing what’s considered a decently powerful PC, but now average consumer laptops are strong enough to handle it. (Granted, I only tested Super Monkey Ball which I imagine is a pretty easy GameCube game to run. Maybe I should try Brawl.)

What I’m trying to say is that it’s interesting to me how poweful the minimum of computing is getting.


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