Feb 142012

<letsgetwet20> It’s on a macbook pro 5,2 if that helps <gaidal> So how do I make yaourt recompile all my installed packages? <thestinger> you don’t want to do that <thestinger> you just need to rebuild a small number of packages: local packages that depend on libpng <thestinger> GI_Jack gave you a good way to find those <gaidal> OK, none of the pacman commands you gave me did that… <thestinger> pactree -rl libpng | grep -v “$(pacman -Qqm)” <thestinger> that’s the list you need to rebuild <gaidal> got the list <gaidal> it’s huuuge <gaidal> and how do I rebuild anyway, doesn’t pacman only install binaries? <letsgetwet20> How do I go about troubleshooting my cd drive? <thestinger> gaidal: use that command I just pasted <thestinger> oh <thestinger> whoops <gaidal><thestinger> did it backwards <thestinger> :) <randomclown> I’m trying to pacman -Syu and it gives the failed writing body error (52 != 1348) <thestinger> gaidal: get rid of the -v <gaidal> oh, yes that would make a difference :) <john_f> randomclown: check if your disk is full <randomclown> will do <gaidal> yes that’s a much smaller list <thestinger> randomclown: ‘curl https://www.google.com/<phrik> Title: Google (at www.google.com) <thestinger> try that <gaidal> and… how do I rebuild? Everything related to upgrading in yaourt just seems to call pacman <john_f> makepkg does the building <randomclown> nah disk is full <Hwkiller> make sure you are rebuilding (yaourt might use cached packages) <randomclown> I think <Hwkiller> there is probably an option to force rebuildnig. <randomclown> rootfs 7.4G use 100% <thestinger> ah <randomclown> so I do I just delete all the pacman caches? <john_f> yaourt fetches the pkgbuilds, calls makepkg, calls pacman. <thestinger> randomclown: well, figure out what’s using the space <thestinger> pacman -Sc will clear out packages from the cache that aren’t installed (-Scc will fully clear it, might not want to do that) <gaidal> john_f: where does yaourt store these things? <thestinger> gaidal: just do it without yaourt <john_f> i dont know <thestinger> no point in using a helper if it makes your life this much harder : <gaidal> thestinger: sure, but I originally installed with yaourt so I don’t know where it downloaded the files :P <thestinger> you didn’t install them with yaourt <benhamill> gaidal: Temp files. It deletes them when it’s done or fails, AFAIK. <thestinger> you installed them with pacman <john_f> cower -d foo bar <gaidal> thestinger: that’s what I’m asking. Haven’t managed to locate / grep / find them <thestinger> yaourt just wrapped the downloading, build and install process for you <randomclown> what’s the command to find pacman cache size again? <thestinger> you can use du <gaidal> thestinger: then they’re gone. Then I think I’ll remove them with pacman and reinstall with yaourt <randomclown> heh <thestinger> du -hs /var/cache/pacman <gaidal> thestinger: cleaned that cache a few times since I installed these <gaidal> oh nvm <thestinger> gaidal: just download the tarballs and rebuild them <thestinger> don’t need to uninstall anything <gaidal> thestinger: oh, pacman will replace the old versions… <lake> anyone have experience installing arch on an ssd? <thestinger> yes <gaidal> yes <ldvx> of course <thestinger> !give lake ssd <phrik> lake: an unripe boat anchor. age it under a radiator like a fine prison sangria. <ldvx> !next <thestinger> !give lake wiki ssd <phrik> Another satisfied customer! NEXT! <phrik> lake: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Solid_State_Drives <lake> i looked at that and am still lost <thestinger> lake: just partition it with gparted then <thestinger> it will do the right thing <lake> i don’t have gparted. all i have is parted and it’s confusing <thestinger> so get gparted <gaidal> If you use gparted, can you still set sector sizes and all that the way you want for SSDs? <randomclown> how do show usage of directories in the current one? <randomclown> with du <benhamill> lake: I installed it on a MacBook Air recently and didn’t have problems (with the partitioning, anyway). <randomclown> i.e. don’t descend down to every file <gaidal> randomclown du -h -d1 ? <thestinger> randomclown: just get rid of the -s switch <gaidal> randomclown: and man du <randomclown> ha I think i need to get out of here <randomclown> forgot to use man <randomclown> because you guys are here <lake> thestinger: point taken. i’ll give it a shot <benhamill> Oh. You know… I might be no help. I was doing GRUB2 EFI boot. I needed a GPT table, not the MBR kind, so I used cgdisk. <gaidal> randomclown: I’m sure about man in this case because I looked the same up not long ago :) <gaidal> awesome, I can start X now, thanks everyone. <fabiancito> gaidal: now that you have X, you should use awesome :D <gaidal> fabiancito: I do. That’s why I could start it – needed to update cairo <gaidal> couldn’t* <egoflux> what command can i use to delete all .part files in dirs and subdirs? <thestinger> find <xhazk> Heh, just reinstalling Arch after not using for 4 months. Imagine my confusion when *all* packages failed right at install. Seems PGP is implemented, but are there plans to integrate it into the install procedu<xhazk> Obviously it can be down outside the GUI installer, but then again so can everything else. <thestinger> xhazk: are you using the official install media? <thestinger> when did it fail? <egoflux> nice <xhazk> thestinger: Correct. At first I used my disc from 2011 (which is still the official release), but moved to the latest releng iso after the fail to troubleshoot. Seems I can get arount it by running pacman-key -<fabiancito> gaidal: ah! god damn libpng! sorry, i was late to the conversation <xhazk> But this is a bit non-KISS. <thestinger> xhazk: well, it’s not the stable release yet <thestinger> there isn’t a package with the keys yet <meyithi> xhazk: well it’s disabled by default because not everything is signed yet, so you must have been using testing 4 months ago <thestinger> xhazk: the official install media doesn’t have pacman 4, so it’s not a problem there <GI_Jack> yeah libpng has been fucking up everyone <egoflux> find ~/music/ ‘*.part’ -exec rm -i {} ; <thestinger> egoflux: btw, you can use -delete instead of -exec <xhazk> thestinger: Okay, thank you for clarifying that. <thestinger> SigLevel is set to Never in the default config, but you _can_ enable it and use signing <GI_Jack> the tl;dr on libpng is pacman -Syu and then yaourt -S $(pactree -rl libpng) <egoflux> thestinger, so, find ~/music/ ‘*.part’ -delete? <GI_Jack> don’t thank me, thank this channel 8 hours ago <letsgetwet20> do I have too many things in my module or daemon section in my rc.conf?: http://sprunge.us/iCZH <thestinger> egoflux: yeah <GI_Jack> letsgetwet20 – that depends <letsgetwet20> on waht <letsgetwet20> what* <thestinger> egoflux: it would just be faster since it doesn’t have to run rm over and over <GI_Jack> what your using it for, and specs of the box <letsgetwet20> one or more of my modules is failing to load. Which log should I look over for it? <GI_Jack> letsgetwet20 – try starting and stoping them all manually from their /etc/rc.d scripts <egoflux> great, usign it with -delete just deleted my entire folder <sudokode> GI_Jack: modules, not daemons <GI_Jack> modules <letsgetwet20> It’s for a desktop and 2.8GHz dual core <GI_Jack> that should be kernel.log <GI_Jack> right? <sudokode> hm <thestinger> egoflux: did you give a -name or -iname arg? : <GI_Jack> letsgetwet20 – its not how many items, its total resource consumption <GI_Jack> run everything you need with your laptop <egoflux> thestinger, nope <egoflux> well i did; find ~/music ‘*.part’ -delete <GI_Jack> nothing in there is a real resource hog <Zopiac> ARM on qemu… I’m trying to run qemu-system-arm but it says I need to select a kernel file. Why would it need a dedicated kernel? <Paimun> so I’m just curious, how do I apply the instructions to start XScreensaver on a multi-user system if I am using lightdm? <Paimun> I don’t know the command to put into my ~/.xscreensaver <GI_Jack> I am out, g’night all <vimane> kdebase-plasma 4.8.0-1 can’t make folder view plassma on desktop. <benhamill> When you run la -l on a directory and the owner and group are listed as 88… what does that mean? <HRabbit> 0p7i0nd <letsgetwet20> How do I spot it? what should I search for in the log file? <sudokode> not a clue <letsgetwet20> the file’s here if you want to take a look: http://sprunge.us/SBUL <sudokode> letsgetwet20: try searching for each module <xhazk> sudokode: I don’t appreciate your existence, good sir. <sudokode> you wouldn’t <sudokode> letsgetwet20: looks like it might be vboxnetflt <sudokode> I don’t see that or any after that <sudokode> it’ll fail on the first bad module cause the script sucks <sudokode> no wait, ssb is loaded <letsgetwet20> yeah and my b43 is loading as well <sudokode> but that might be an actual detection <sudokode> you don’t need to put every possible module in there if udev is gonna find it <letsgetwet20> it shows that it’s getting firmware form the kernel <letsgetwet20> It wasn’t finding the printer before though <letsgetwet20> and it’s a macbook pro <sudokode> which one is that <letsgetwet20> so I need more modules loaded <letsgetwet20> b43 is for my wireless driver <sudokode> printer <letsgetwet20> its hidp and l2cap I believe <letsgetwet20> then the last three are all for the wireless card <sudokode> you may want to put some of the more critical things in your initcpio <sudokode> like b43 <xhazk> Ahhhh, full system encryption — for those of us with tinfoil hats and *way* too much free time. <xhazk> My pr0n is safe now… from the Russians. <sudokode> you’re a disappointment <diegoviola> what is the configuration format that grub2 uses? how is it called? is it its own? <Paimun> sudokode? <sudokode> what <Paimun> well, I wanted to know if you had any idea what to do with xscreensaver <xhazk> sudokode: You have disgraced my honor. I challenge you to a duel! Girly-slap contest at 0800 GMT tomorow. <Paimun> since my question got lost in the flood… <sudokode> no, I don’t use screensavers <Paimun> oh alright <gaidal> So how deep does this libpng stuff go? I’ve rebuilt my local packages, but some tray icons aren’t being drawn, deluge says “glib.GError: Unrecognized image file format” when I try to start it… <sudokode> oh, I never did test the mplayer update <thestinger> gaidal: https://www.archlinux.org/news/libpnglibtiff-rebuilds-move-from-testing/ <phrik> Title: Arch Linux – News: libpng/libtiff rebuilds move from [testing] (at www.archlinux.org) <thestinger> did you reinstall librsvg? <gaidal> thestinger: thank you <thestinger> your cairo was broken so png icons couldn’t be generated <gaidal> cairo is healed <gaidal> librsvg, not yet <gaidal> I didn’t have that installed before though <sudokode> yeah, mplayer works <thestinger> gaidal: oh, then that’s probably not the problem <sudokode> kelnoky: you suck <Zopiac> Anyone run qemu with ARM? <dark3rdre4ms> I have a question. Does anyone know of an application that can change my ALSA input/output devices with just a push of a button <gaidal> thestinger: or maybe it is… eh… ok this is annoying, but how do I list packages that depend on something? It’s not in my history since I started X :P <thestinger> gaidal: pactree -r <xhazk> Am I correct in that ability to boot from MMC/SD is reliant on BIOS support? <ahungry> hi all <gaidal> thestinger: pactree -rl libtiff | grep “$(pacman -Qqm)”, was it? Doesn’t list anything important I didn’t recompile <thestinger> libpng <gaidal> I thought I was done with libpng <thestinger> well, what still has errors? <gaidal> deluge: “glib.GError: Unrecognized image file format” <gaidal> gtk-redshift’s tray icon can’t be loaded <gaidal> ibus-daemon is acting weird, says there’s no input window <thestinger> run gtk-update-icon-cache <thestinger> might need to run it as root, I don’t know <gaidal> doesn’t seem to help <gaidal> tried both <xhazk> Wow, I just now found out the lead dev of ReiserFS is in jail for wife murder. I guess we know why reiserfs has such killer speed… BA DING! <e36freak> you… just found that out? <xhazk> e36freak: Yah, dont judge me… I live under a rock. <sudokode> “wife murder” <phsi> all the jokes have long been done <sudokode> does that make a difference? <ahungry> Anyone else find it a little hard to distinguish curly braces from parenthesis with terminus font? <xhazk> sudokode: Yes, hooker murder is far less noteworthy. <sudokode> { ( <sudokode> yes <sudokode> we’re off to the wizard <nathan28> xhazk: i think 20/20 did a special on the Reiser murder, pretty hilarious <nathan28> oh, missed him * Python3 thinks he remembers that. <nathan28> so i guess it’s safe to remove the reiserfsprogs, i was thinking about that earlier * Python3 wonders if he submits bits of code by hand. :P <Python3> Along with angry kerel-dev writings. <nathan28> Python3: he gets some old cobol cards from the prison payroll office <nathan28> ahungry: no, but if you find a better 17pt mono non-ttf font than terminus let me know <gaidal> I think I have actually managed to fix everything that broke… Is there anything besides libpng and librsvg that have been causing trouble recently? <konobi> howdy all… i’m having some trouble getting bridge working… i have conf.d/bridge working and it’s getting called… but the interface isn’t getting created… am i missing something? <Python3> gaidal: «libxml» got recently updated, but that’s ’bout it. * Python3 had fun re-compiling about fifty-soomething AUR packages. <gaidal> Python3: ah, will check that out too then, thanks <konobi> the docs around it seem to be rather mis-matched too =0/ <gaidal> package libxml not found…? <gaidal> libxml2 or libxml++ or… oh, in AUR. Guess I’m not using it then. <tigrmesh> konobi: did you check the wiki? <konobi> yes <konobi> all the bridging docs there seem to refer to using virtualbox <tigrmesh> ah <konobi> rather than lan+wlan <ahungry> konobi: wlan doesn not support bridging last I checked <tigrmesh> i’ve never used it. if you don’t get an answer here, i would suggest you try searching the forums. forum search supports AND. if you find nothing, try posting on the forums. many more people visit there<konobi> ahungry: well, uap0 in this instance <konobi> ah… looks like i need netcfg for anything more complex than a single interface <Zopiac> Argh, why is my computer doing this D: locking failed for /home/zopiac/.histfile: read-only file system: reading anyway <ahungry> konobi: I have a bridge setup without netcfg, just using the standard network setup <tigrmesh> !google locking failed for .histfile: read-only file system: reading anyway <phrik> tigrmesh: Securing Debian Manual – After installation: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/securing-debian-howto/ch4.en.html <gtmanfred> so close <tigrmesh> Zopiac: see if that link helps. but that’s the right search string <Zopiac> half my programs jam up when my computer decides to do this — Opera just froze and crashed <Zopiac> speakers are making random noises too <konobi> ahungry: conf.d/bridges and rc.conf? <gtmanfred> Zopiac: sounds like its time to back up ~/ and restart <Python3> Zopiac: Sounds like normal Opera behavior to me. :P <Tom^> hrm i wonder after a glibc update should i reboot? :p <Zopiac> Python3: This is the first time it’s crashed in months, and then it was because of crappy extensions <tigrmesh> ahungry: when was the last time you ran pacman -Syu? <ahungry> tigrmesh: I believe yesterday <Zopiac> skype also crashed, but it’s skype <tigrmesh> have you merged all your .pacnew and .pacsave files? did you reboot since the last kernel update? <Zopiac> agh, looks like it’s just hard drive issues <Zopiac> a ton of [14769.320140] EXT4-fs warning (device sda2): ext4_end_bio:244: I/O error writing to inode 3106787 (offset 0 size 4096 starting block 16120782) <TiMiDo> hello there i have a question, if i want to install arch in my /dev/sda4 and /dev/sda5 how can i install it only to that partition, why because on 1 2 3 i have windows on it and do not want to loose it <gtmanfred> TiMiDo: extended partition? <TiMiDo> yes, on the 4 and 5 i have Ubuntu, and i want to install Arch now on it, <gtmanfred> ok… i don’t see why not… <gtmanfred> you have to remove ubuntu…. <TiMiDo> yeah i want to remove ubuntu <TiMiDo> but <TiMiDo> i do not want to remove my windows partitions <TiMiDo> because it has some important projects <gtmanfred> TiMiDo: that is ok… and why are you asking? <Zopiac> It looks like my main drive decides it wants to disconnect for a little while randomly <TiMiDo> gtmanfred, because i am new on partitioning with arch <Zopiac> I’m not sure if this would be a motherboard, SATA cable, or hard drive issue… <gtmanfred> it should be fine… just don’t delete your windows partitions <TiMiDo> and i do not want to loose my win partition. <ak5> I use netcfg. Is there a cool way to add hosts to /etc/hosts depending on which network I am on? <gtmanfred> *lose… loose means something else… <Python3> ak5: Yes. Use «POST_UP». <TiMiDo> yeah i do not want to loose any data what’s so ever, <gtmanfred> TiMiDo: use parted ? <TiMiDo> you mean gparted,? <tigrmesh> or gparted <gtmanfred> TiMiDo: gparted doesn’t come on the archiso <TiMiDo> oh <TiMiDo> is parted it text only,? <Python3> ak5: Write a script to deal with whatever, then point «POST_UP» to it in the «nefcfg» profile for your networks. <gtmanfred> no it is a curses gui <tigrmesh> TiMiDo: that’s what i did. and i did not remove ubuntu or windows when i installed arch <gtmanfred> crap not parted… <gtmanfred> um you could just use a gparted livecd <TiMiDo> tigrmesh, well I’m bored of Ubuntu and wanted it to try out some new distro, <tigrmesh> TiMiDo: i used a gparted live cd to do my partitioning