Feb 142012

<nathan28> gtmanfred: you’ll go nuts otherwise
<cythes> when I walk on by girls be like “Damn he fly!”
<john_f> rlevArch: udev rules define everything
<nathan28> unless you really want the 4-second fade, use the –no-fade flag
<gtmanfred> nathan28: ok… but it still doesn’t make urxvt transpartent…
* cythes is happy I got alsa walking as well as I broked awesome and brought it back to life :D
<nathan28> gtmanfred: do you have an rgba:XXXX/XXXX/XXXX/XXXX in Xresources
<prurigro> rlevArch, I’m not sure if my rm -rf got that far by the time I hit the kill switch– but it was fine when I rebooted
<gtmanfred> nathan28: yes
<prurigro> thankfully
<rlevArch> john_f, prurigro thanks… intersting… I was just curious, I haven’t actually tried it :p
<prurigro> rlevArch, yea, as curious a person as I am, I wasn’t planning on giving any certainty to that question :)
<prurigro> one heart attack per computer is enough for me
<rlevArch> yeah, ahh the joys of linux
<milk> hmm, can anyone advise what might be causing this pacman issue? http://i.imgur.com/gnncu.png
<andr_> sudo ls [path] before sudo rm [path], i’ve learned
<falconindy> milk: you’re out of disk space
<prurigro> rlevArch, heard of suicide linux?
<gtmanfred> nathan28: http://sprunge.us/UWHY
<gtmanfred> crap…
<rlevArch> prurigro: do I want to?
<gtmanfred> nathan28: http://sprunge.us/gZJS that is my xresources
<vodik> milk: don’t use mirrors.kernel.org
<vodik> milk: but what falconindy said
<prurigro> rlevArch, hear about maybe, use probably not :) http://sourceforge.net/projects/suicide-linux/
<phrik> Title: Suicide-Linux | Free software downloads at SourceForge.net (at sourceforge.net)
<tchebb> vodik: Wait, why not?
<vodik> tchebb: slooooow
* xuser has always use kernel.org
<vodik> tchebb: its throttled
<tchebb> vodik: Hmm, interesting. I’ll have to move it lower in my mirrorlist
<vodik> was never ment for direct use
<Fandekasp> hi there. For the first time, a “makepkg -s” fails and I don’t understand why: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/547121/ . Does that mean the package on AUR is broken ?
<phrik> Title: Paste #547121 | LodgeIt! (at paste.pocoo.org)
<xuser> seems very up to date ain’t it?
<milk> falconindy: ooh shit, danke
<andr_> uncomment every mirror in your country, then cp mirrorlist mirrorlist.backup, then rankmirrors -n 6 mirrorlist.backup > mirrorlist
<gtmanfred> nathan28: nm, i jsut remembered tucos found this earlier http://bugs.i3wm.org/report/ticket/220
<phrik> Title: #220 (No “truly” transparent urxvt terminal) – i3 window manager (at bugs.i3wm.org)
<rlevArch> prurigro: hahaha, great concept
<nathan28> gtmanfred: not positive, but try ‘URxvt.depth’ rather than ‘urxvt*depth’
<rlevArch> reminds me of nethack
<john_f> Fandekasp: yes, the patch in it is too old.
<gtmanfred> nope, still doesn’t work
<Fandekasp> john_f: ok… Then I need to learn how to create my own package
<nathan28> andr_: then cron job relfector, too
<prurigro> rlevArch, haha, true eh– though with nethack you could just cheat and save your config dir :)
<nathan28> *reflector
<vodik> Fandekasp: strip out the patch and see if it still works
<andr_> nathan28: ya lost me
<vodik> Fandekasp: may have been applied upstream
<nathan28> andr_: on the uncommenting local mirrors
<nathan28> not sure who you were adddressing
<rlevArch> prurigro: if i ever played it seriously enough to care
<vodik> anyways, night
<nathan28> man i hate this keyboard
<prurigro> rlevArch, I hate losing haha
<prurigro> but yea, true
<andr_> nathan28: not ringin a bell
<prurigro> playing longer than like an hour is an impressive feat
<nathan28> at 00:06, “uncomment every mirror”… someone was asking about kernel.org being slow
<Fandekasp> john_f: as vodik advised, I removed the patch and the lines referencing it in the MAKEPKG file, and it didn’t raise an error. I’ll assume it worked and pacman -U
<rlevArch> wow, past midnight already… i’m off to bed. night y’all
<andr_> nathan28: looking it up now
<andr_> quick question. it there anything out there that will show processes paired with the files they have open, sorted by disk IO rate?
<john_f> iotop
<falconindy> you can lookup open FDs for a given process… but you would need something like slabtop or iotop
<andr_> john_f: thanks.
<gtmanfred> vhat is vim-ultisnaps?
<andr_> nathan28: no, i just meant i didn’t know what you meant by ‘reflector’. i just found it
<nathan28> andr_: a bloated version of rankmirrors, like the sorting methods better tho
<andr_> nathan28: aha.
<gtmanfred> … hmm no idea…
<emhs> How d’you make the mkinitcpio net hook wait for dhcp?
<nathan28> time to wrangle pkgs and pretend to sleep
<emhs> Anyone got an opinion on a torrent client that can run as a daemon?
<Tom^> doesnt rtorrent let you do that?
<yitz_> emhs: transmission-cli
<meyithi> deluge does too, it’s pretty much a standard feature now
<gtmanfred> Tom^: yes https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/RTorrent#Run_as_a_daemon
<phrik> Title: rTorrent – ArchWiki (at wiki.archlinux.org)
<andr_> rtorrent doesn’t have a daemon switch i don’t think
<andr_> or, gtmanfred knows better
<gtmanfred> :-D
<gtmanfred> andr_: it requires running it in screen though, so not a switch, so you were correct too :-D
<yitz_> “daemon”?
<meyithi> I like trans-cli tho because it has no gtk/qt deps and you can use web interface thats bundled with it
<andr_> i used dtach, but yes, same idea
<gtmanfred> crap… what is the flag for missing dependencies in pacman ?
<falconindy> wat
<falconindy> there is no such flag. it just happens.
<andr_> as in ignoring missing deps? -d and -dd
<andr_> -d ignores versions, just makes sure any version of a dep is installed, -dd ignores the dep entirely
<andr_> IIRC
<gtmanfred> no, … like for somereason, my computer keeps wanting to replace vim-snipmate with vim-utilsnip… and the latter keeps saying it requires py>=2.6 or any py3… which i have…
<andr_> hm
<falconindy> there is no such thing as an ‘or’ dependency
<gtmanfred> falconindy: http://i.imgur.com/QgpHW.jpg
<falconindy> that’d not a pacman error
<gtmanfred> i know…
<andr_> best. desktop. ever.
<andr_> i have the one with the night sky.
<gtmanfred> andr_: i think we went over this last night?
<andr_> this is my first day using IRC in years.
<andr_> so probably not
<gtmanfred> oh… nm then…
<andr_> i remember reading about a setup where the NASA APOD is dropped in behind calvin & hobbes each day
<andr_> with some script
<gtmanfred> yeah.. that
<andr_> yeah. cool stuff
<gtmanfred> andr_: this one https://raw.github.com/fsk141/scripts/master/chapod
<gtmanfred> falconindy: what is wrong then?
* falconindy shrugs
<falconindy> im goin to sleep
<gtmanfred> ok… night
<andr_> night
<digdin> hi
<andr_> hello
<gtmanfred> hello
<digdin> when I run hostname, (none) show… someone knows?
<gtmanfred> digdin: set it in your rc.conf?
<digdin> http://pastebin.com/xD2VjWd1
<phrik> Title: # # /etc/rc.conf – Main Configuration for Arch Linux # # See ‘man 5 rc.conf’ – Pastebin.com (at pastebin.com)
<digdin> my rc.conf
<gtmanfred> digdin: see the part where it says hostname in that file? change it to your desired hostname
<flash__> lulz
<digdin> no work
<flash__> that’s fairly important
<digdin> hostname continue none
<setkeh> hey guys im curious today :D I have a modem and its a pain int the backside is it possible to use and old pci modem and somthing like wvdial to use an adsl connection and compleatly eliminate the heap of crap <gtmanfred> digdin: reboot
<digdin> sure! :p
<flash__> setkeh: aren’t those old pci modems for dial-up only?
<andr_> setkeh: wow. i’ve long forgotten anything about modem config
<flash__> looks like there are some dsl pci modems
<flash__> so i stand corrected
<flash__> i’ve never seen anybody use one though
<setkeh> yeah thats what im confused about the modems documentation doesent say anything about it being limited to 56k also 3g modems also dial in a simeler fasion thats why io ask
<chrisf> what’s the best way to quietly determine whether `pacman -Syu` would do anything, without actually altering the system [or package db!] ?
<setkeh> chrisf: run it and answere no when it asks you if you want to continue
<gtmanfred> chrisf: http://sprunge.us/WAJO
<chrisf> ~ i want to put a ‘there’s new stuff’ indicator in my i3bar
<gtmanfred> chrisf: use that script, safe way, outputs what needs updating into a file
<chrisf> gtmanfred: that looks reasonable
<flash__> setkeh: you could easily get an external dsl modem
<flash__> setkeh: im assuming you just don’t want to use the phone company’s modem that they leased you?
<gtmanfred> chrisf: then put it in your /etc/cron.hourly/ file and it will check hourly, at the moment, that one is set to put it in /home/daniel/.private/updates.txt
<setkeh> flash__: yeah problem is my connection is so unstable i would rather not wait for parts
<setkeh> flash__: well i own the modem outright but it is a streaming pile
<flash__> setkeh: you could always check newegg for highly rated dsl modems
<flash__> setkeh: i own my own cable modem, and it works fabulously
<andr_> flash__: +1. they can’t be spendy
<chrisf> all consumer-grade dsl modems are steaming piles c_c
<andr_> chrisf: eh. they’ve gotten good recently i’ve seen
<andr_> chrisf: my at&t one at home is unbearable
<andr_> chrisf: but i’ve seen some good ones
<gtmanfred> i like the old cisco/linksys one that was stackable with the wrt54g models… wish i could find one that isn’t broken
<andr_> what are you up to right now, #archlinux?
<Tom^> compiling bumblebee on my netbook :<
<Thraspic> Slaughter of innocents.
<gtmanfred> looking at different tiling window managers seeing if I can find one that has everything I want from dwm and a bar like i3bar…
<Tom^> awesomewm
<Tom^> !next
<phrik> Another satisfied customer! NEXT!
<gtmanfred> Tom^: nope
<gtmanfred> !wm
<andr_> /threa
<phrik> http://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Window_Manager
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* Topic is ‘Welcome to Arch Linux World Domination, Inc. <+> https://www.archlinux.org/news/pacman-4-moves-to-core/ <+> PLEASE READ BEFORE UPGRADING https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=57205
* Set by MrElendig on Sun Feb 05 17:38:44
<MrElendig> TDJACR: tried a different port yet?
<hi117> excuse me if this is the wrong channel, but #xorg redirected a problem here
<MrElendig> TDJACR: also, do you have both keyboards connected at once?
<TDJACR> MrElendig: Yes sir, and no sir, respectively.
<gtmanfred> hi117: do you have arch?
<hi117> i did a -Syu and now X wont start
<MrElendig> TDJACR: can you ssh in from another box?
<MrElendig> hi117: error please
<gtmanfred> hi117: what window manager?
<TDJACR> MrElendig: Yes, give me a second
* MrElendig bets hi117 has custom cairo
<hi117> aweosme, and no error it seems…
<TDJACR> MrElendig: I appreciate the help
<MrElendig> hi117: rtfn
<dark3rdre4ms> MrElendig: probably
<MrElendig> hi117: then read the last part of the topic
<gtmanfred> seconded
<Nisstyre> I had cairo-tee or some stupid shit like that
<MrElendig> hi117: you have cairo-xcb from aur, and you did not rebuild it against the new libpng
<Nisstyre> had to force remove it
<TDJACR> MrElendig: why ssh?
<Nisstyre> and then install the package from the main repo
<MrElendig> Nisstyre: you could have just rebuilt
<hi117> ah i see
<Nisstyre> MrElendig: didn’t work for some reason
<Nisstyre> but I didn’t need it anyway
<MrElendig> TDJACR: because I want you to test something that will make your keyboard unusable while you test it ;p
<MrElendig> TDJACR: though ps/2 keyboard would also workj
<hi117> but wait, i installed libpng14 from the aur and the problem is still there, if im not mistaken, that should fix it
<MrElendig> work*
<MrElendig> or osd keyboard
<Nisstyre> MrElendig: iirc there was an error while trying to build it
<TDJACR> Oh I have a PS2
<TDJACR> One sec
<MrElendig> hi117: don’t install that crap
<gtmanfred> hi117: nope, resintall all packages that require libpng
<MrElendig> hi117: just rebuild cairo-xcb
<MrElendig> (reinstalling won’t work, you have to rebuild)
<hi117> ok, be back, ty
<gtmanfred> MrElendig: that is what I meant
<MrElendig> hi117: are you using the [archlinuxfr] repo?
<TDJACR> MrElendig: PS2 connected
* sledgehammer is more convinced every day that we need an Arch Operator’s Licence, to be issued only after stringent skillz tests
<MrElendig> TDJACR: unload uhci_usb and ehci_usb, then only load ehci_usb
<dark3rdre4ms> sledgehammer: lol
<MrElendig> then reload the usb_hid module
<Chelsea> I accidentally (well… followed the wrong instructions prolly) removed vesa in my quest to get nvidia-utils installed. Now X won’t start, and I can’t install vesa (pacman -Qs vesa doesn’t yield anything). Pl<Nisstyre> sledgehammer: I think you should be prompted to read the news before doing any upgrading
<TDJACR> uhci_usb is not registered as a module
<Nisstyre> like, pacman should print a link to the news
<MrElendig> Chelsea: what vm?
<Nisstyre> and suggest you read it
<gColossus> hmm
<gColossus> how to clear the dns cache on archlinux?
<MrElendig> gColossus: there is no cache
<Nisstyre> or even print out the latest warnings right in the terminal
<phsi> pacman is not a newsreader :P
<MrElendig> gColossus: unless you are running a local dns server on your box
<Chelsea> MrElendig, no virtual machine, bare metal.
<TDJACR> MrElendig: uhci_usb is not registered as a module
<sledgehammer> Nisstyre, ffs… you want it to wipe your arse too?
<Nisstyre> phsi: obviously not
<MrElendig> Chelsea: then don’t say guest :p
<MrElendig> Chelsea: what gfx card
<gtmanfred> !give Nisstyre ubuntu
<phrik> Nisstyre: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_rbeqbj-n1Z0/Skeak1qBGyI/AAAAAAAAAeM/3k_ntrDWmOw/s1600-h/ubuntu.png
<MrElendig> Chelsea: also read the pacman man page, -Qs does not do what you think it does
<Nisstyre> sledgehammer: no, but it would be nice to be warned before doing anything, just in case you accidentally upgrade without realizing there’s a problem
<meyithi> Nisstyre: pacmatic does that
<gColossus> MrElendig: cool, thx :)
<Chelsea> MrElendig, I guess my keyboard settings don’t work 100% in a tty. sorry for that. Nvidia graphics card.
<sledgehammer> Nisstyre, keenerd will be along any minute to sell you pacmatic :P
<TDJACR> MrElendig: I may be having a kernel issue, I’ll be back in a sec (rebooting)
<MrElendig> Chelsea: _what_ card
<immaqa> vim users … what do i do about this UltiSnips requires py >= 2.6 or any py3 nonsense?
<gtmanfred> immaqa: remove it
<MrElendig> Chelsea: need exact model
<Nisstyre> gtmanfred: the comparison to ubuntu is hardly valid
<immaqa> gtmanfred: remove ultisnips?
<gtmanfred> yes
<MrElendig> immaqa: change shebang then it will work fine
<Nisstyre> all I’m thinking of is a few lines of text printed out
<gtmanfred> MrElendig: shebang?
<sledgehammer> Nisstyre, if you’re the kind of person who “accidentally upgrades”, you shouldn’t be allowed wthin 10 metres of any ARCH MACHINE
<immaqa> MrElendig: takk fyrir
<sledgehammer> woah… accidental capslock :)
<LPhas> hi, i have to install archlinux on a computer that have two SATA 1TB hard drive and i’d like to make a RAID 1, but i don’t really know where to start. Any hint?
<MrElendig> immaqa: vim supports scripts written in both py2 and py3 btw
<MrElendig> !give LPhas wiki software raid
<phrik> LPhas: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Software_RAID_and_LVM
<MrElendig> LPhas: urgh, there is a page that is just about raid and not lvm too
<MrElendig> LPhas: or you can just ignore the lvm part
<Nisstyre> sledgehammer: lots of people upgrade packages without researching first, and most of the time it’s fine
<gtmanfred> MrElendig: remove the shebang where?
<Nisstyre> but that 1% of the time when there is an issue related to that package…
<hi117> and you wind up like me
<sledgehammer> Nisstyre, clearly, logs ot unsuitable people use Arch – hence the need for an Operator’s License :)
<hi117> if youre lucky
<sledgehammer> lots*
<MrElendig> gtmanfred: not remove, but fix
<LPhas> MrElendig, i can’t understand what part does the “RAID utility” on the motherboard in that.
<Chelsea> MrElendig, Unfortunately the exact model isn’t readable. It’s an Asus with Nvidia chipset. Didn’t have problems with the standard nvidia package before I did a complete reinstall though.
<MrElendig> LPhas: do not use the fakeraid on your mobo
<Nisstyre> sledgehammer: what’s your definition of “unsuitable” ?
<LPhas> MrElendig, oh, why?
<MrElendig> LPhas: unless you are going to access the raid from windows too
<sledgehammer> Nisstyre, the people you’re describing :)
<Orii> 17:20 < Orii> hey im trying to do the kmod/module-init-tools replacement but i the the following error:
<gtmanfred> MrElendig: … where? it is doing it on files that don’t have shebangs
<Orii> 17:20 < Orii> error: failed to commit transactiom (conflicting files)
<Orii> 17:21 < Orii> initscripts: /etc/profile.d/locale.sh exits in filesystem
<Orii> 17:21 < Orii> errors occured, no packages upgraded
<MrElendig> LPhas: because fakeraid is HORRIBLE and KILLS KITTENS
<Orii> 17:36 < Orii> locale.sh is what sets the language
<Orii> 17:36 < Orii> but i dont understand why things are conflicting
<gtmanfred> !give Orii locale.sh
<phrik> Orii: http://www.archlinux.org/news/initscripts-update-manual-intervention-required/
<MrElendig> LPhas: and is a lot of trouble
<Nisstyre> sledgehammer: so you should scour the internet every time you want to upgrade something for potential side-effects?