Feb 142012

<folivora> hikenboot: one way, unplug + replug one by one and tail -f dmesg <folivora> if you dont differencies of those nics <hikenboot> folivora: what will i be looking for in tail -f dmesg <folivora> hikenboot: something like: <folivora> [149169.851119] sky2 eth3: Link is down. <folivora> [149172.599456] sky2 eth3: Link is up at 1000 Mbps, full duplex, flow control both <hikenboot> what if i down the individual nic cards would that allow me to use dmesg the same way <hikenboot> ifdown i mean <folivora> hehe Im not shure that does dmesg react to that. :) <hikenboot> it would be a lot less work thats for sure <folivora> The one which I pasted is when the link comes ready on boot or so <hikenboot> ah ok <folivora> yes it would be, go and see :) <hikenboot> ok thanks <folivora> tail -f dmesg && ifdown eth1 && ifup eth1 <mwallacesd> hi guys! someone can help me with a diferent keyboard configuration, please? http://paste.debian.net/155535/ <nsadmin> mwallacesd, not until/unless you ask a sicco question <nsadmin> !sicco <dpkg> Please ask sicco questions, questions that are Specific, Informative, Concise, Complete, and On-topic. Ask me about and . <nsadmin> (yes, I do see the post, I still request you set context by asking a question) <hikenboot> folivora: since i am using vlans it aint going to work regardlessly because i would be ifdown vlan 150 instead of ifdown eth1,2 or 3… since the physical interface registers as down since no ip was ever as<hikenboot> folivora: I guess this is one to tackle in the moring when I am a little more refreshed..thanks and good night! <folivora> mwallacesd: /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/evdev.xml maybe this one ? <patricx> hi to you all <folivora> hikenboot: hehe, hmm.. You should be able to see that is the “physical link” up even there is not ip address. <patricx> please what is the link to add in souces.list in other to install gnome? <nsadmin> try aptitude install gnome <nsadmin> , versions gnome <judd> Package: gnome on i386 — lenny: 1:2.22.2~5; squeeze: 1:2.30+7; wheezy: 1:3.0+6; sid: 1:3.0+7 <I_Died_Once> hi, how do i make a given directory writeable for all users (everyone?) <I_Died_Once> via comman line? <nsadmin> you would use chmod <folivora> I_Died_Once: chmod 777 <folivora> ;) <Jdbye> chmod ugo+x <nsadmin> man chmod, look also at permissions in unixs <Jdbye> whoops, +w <mwallacesd> no it is not falivora I think that file does not exist anymore in Squeeze I was change that in Debian 5 but thanks <patricx> nsadmin: the source can’t be find <nsadmin> some specific suggestions for permissions have been made to you… you are advised to find out EXACTLY what each do, understand specifically what you want and what you don’t want, understand how unix-style fi<patricx> i have this error Err http://ftp.debian.org squeeze-updates/main Sources undetermined Error [IP : 80] <patricx> when i launch aptitude update <Lesterwood> >aptitude <Lesterwood> ubuntufag detected <Lesterwood> ban <gnarface> hey, be nice until its proven <gnarface> he could be using aptitude under debian <patricx> the same if i have Err http://ftp.fr.debian.org squeeze-updates/main Sources undetermined Error [IP : 80] <gnarface> patricx: that source is clearly wrong. you need to fix your /etc/apt/sources.list file <gnarface> patricx: pastebin it and someone will probably help you <gnarface> patricx: i’m gonna go eat <gnarface> patricx: good luck <gnarface> patricx: and you better not be using ubuntu, or they’re gonna chew you a new asshole <patricx> gnarface here is my source.list http://pastebin.com/6ATKuW1H <patricx> gnarface i’m using debian <streuner_> patricx: i have no idea what the lines 9,11 and 12 should do, but i would comment those out <DesignerGuy> is there any command where I can tell if that my server is listening on an IP? <streuner_> patricx: 4 and 5 too, they are just double <patricx> the errors commes here deb http://ftp.fr.debian.org/debian/ squeeze-proposed-updates main contrib <streuner_> sure, i have no idea whats this squeeze-proposed-updates <patricx> streuner_ would you please comment the lines and paste bin ? <streuner_> patricx: /msg dpkg sources.list && /msg dpkg security ; you need just 3 lines, one for main, one for security and one for bpo <patricx> streuner_ which lines please? <patricx> streuner_ i commented the lines <patricx> but the updates fails at 37% <patricx> i have only theses lines in sources.list http://pastebin.com/udqQMsgw <patricx> but i can’t update files <streuner_> patricx: http://pastebin.com/biyUkxVZ <patricx> thanks please let me try it <patricx> i have theses erros Err http://ftp.fr.debian.org squeeze/contrib i386 packages undeterminated Erro [ip: 80] <patricx> Err http://fsecutity.debian.org squeeze/update/contrib i386 packages undeterminated Erro [ip: 80] <patricx> these errors comes at 37% when i launch aptitude update <patricx> i’m wonderind how to fix them <patricx> i’m wondering how to fix them <patricx> i’m wondering how to fix them in sources.list <mwallacesd> what happens with gtk.immodules on Debian Squeeze?? <mwallacesd> I found the way to fix an that incident http://paste.debian.net/155535/ but there is no gtk.immodules <mwallacesd> =( <DynV> anyone want to help with apt-zip ? <GVolkmann> Greetings all. Can anyone suggest a chromium release intended for public kiosks? I need to lock these down quite a bit. <vimpulse`> GVolkmann: hi. Can you please tell us at least 100 words about the kiosks, what they’re for, and what you need? <vimpulse`> GVolkmann: The more you type, the better. All on one line if it fits please. <vimpulse`> !tell DynV about anyone <vimpulse`> DynV, :-) <DynV> vimpulse`: I posted my question 2hr ago then repeated it 1hr ago so I ddin’T want to be accused of flooding. Now that someone expressed interest, I’ll repeat a 2nd time. <DynV> I’m on Windows and running in a VM Debian 6.0.4 ; I’m not so good in *nix. The installation was from the 1st CD and I’m looking to have all or most of my installation offline. I’ve been told to use apt-zip which<DynV> -zip in vain. Help is appreciated. <DynV> s/2hr/3hr/ <GVolkmann> vimpulse: sure. lock down all menus, settings, run in kiosk mode, if multiple instances running as same user (i have multiple sessions running) <GVolkmann> (if possible multiple instances running as same user) <vimpulse`> GVolkmann: I was thinking broader use-case stuff. For example, are you a company? A school? A museum? Who will use the PCs? Why? Please tell us lots. <vimpulse`> GVolkmann: note that I won’t be able to help you — this is not my expertise. But maybe this will help someone else help you. <ac_slater> hey everyone … im have wierd boot issues… i cannot make it into X, is there a kernel parameter to force console boot instead of X <ac_slater> i used to just add `3` to my kernel line in grub < 2 <GVolkmann> vimpulse: im just trying to get over firefox 3.6 actually. i had a great setup, several thousand seats running office administrative tasks. ive been told i need to change it from ff3.6. so sad. anyways, <vimpulse`> GVolkmann: why do they want you to switch away from firefox? <vimpulse`> GVolkmann: office administrative tasks? What do you want your staff to not be able to do? <GVolkmann> vimpulse: compliance and regulation. <vimpulse`> GVolkmann: you don’t want your staff to do compliance and regulation? <vimpulse`> GVolkmann: there’s a regulation against using firefox? <GVolkmann> well, not compliance/regulation, some dev guy sold the it director on chrome. <GVolkmann> vimpulse: it has to be paranoid because of compliance <GVolkmann> vimpulse: chrome, because the customer wants it. <nsadmin> if the customer wants it, the thing to do is provide it <nsadmin> otherwise <nsadmin> why is the customer a customer? <nsadmin> or, maybe you think that considering the customer as “paranoid” will help <vimpulse`> GVolkmann: do you want to lock down the PCs so that the users can only use one single web app and cannot go to any other website or run any other software? <nsadmin> if the customer finds out about this, why would the customer not sue for practicing medicine/psychological diagnosis without a license? <nsadmin> at MINIMUM, practicing diagnosis WITHOUT BEING ASKED TO DO SO. <vimpulse`> nsadmin: the customer may be wasting money switching from one perfectly good browser to another perfectly good browser. And wasting staff’s learning-experience-history. But I hear your point about “don’t<nsadmin> someone mentioned the word “paranoid” which is a word that doctors use <nsadmin> to diagnose patients <vimpulse`> DynV: {{{ <vimpulse`> dunno, never used it. Once an hour is not flooding. Even more frequent, I think, is still not flooding. If nobody helps you, try superuser.com or a mailing list. <GVolkmann> vimpulse: no, network is good at the gateway, locked down. i am using a very locked down gnome, which i will not change. i am more talking about locking down settings, options, deleting profile after it is <vimpulse`> DynV: Tell them A) what you tried and B) the error message you got. If you leave A) or B) out, nobody will bother to reply. <vimpulse`> DynV: But let’s step back. Why do you want to install offline? Disclaimer: I may log off before finishing helping you. <vimpulse`> DynV: }}} <GVolkmann> and cracking the nutshell that is securing chrome is…well…idk. <nsadmin> just saying… be very careful about the words you use in public… some could be assets, some liabilities <DynV> vimpulse`: I will make a 2nd installation where there’s only 56k at certain time (night) so I’d prefer to be nocturnal and not to spend days while I have high-speed some place else. <vimpulse`> GVolkmann: will securing chrome cost the customer a lot of money? If so, will the customer change their plans if they find out how much it will cost? <vimpulse`> DynV: why do you have high speed in day and 56k at night? :) <DynV> vimpulse`: by where, it meant some place else ; when I travel there <vimpulse`> DynV: If I may ask: You have Windows. You want two Debian installations. For what? And why two? :) <lkthomas> guys, how could I rollback pervious snapshot if something wrong ? <lkthomas> I mean on lvm2 <vimpulse`> DynV: Can you buy high-speed to use at night? If not, why not? <DynV> vimpulse`: I’m using a VM on this system but I have another partition at the other place. byt the other place I mean _in the countryside_ I guess I will have to be specific where high-speed is quite costly <nsadmin> lkthomas, the way to be sure, make a backup before doing something you think might damage your installation <DynV> I just want to be able to use apt-zip! <vimpulse`> GVolkmann: The latest Ubuntu has a greeter (lightDM Greeter?) which has a log-in-as-guest button. It runs some script which creates a new Linux user and logs you in. When you log out, it deletes your hom<vimpulse`> GVolkmann: (Unity Greeter?) <nsadmin> lkthomas, it could be that lvm makes this backup by doing a snapshot… if you want to trust this, find out more about it <GVolkmann> vimpulse: thanks for the suggestion. i will definitely be considering 12.04, contingent upon the desktop environment. <lkthomas> nsadmin, there is a lot of document saying how to take snapshot on lvm but none of them mention how to do rollback <vimpulse`> GVolkmann: i wasn’t suggesting you run Ubuntu. Debian’s tech support IRC channel is far better. I was suggesting you use their guest-button technology on Debian. :) <nsadmin> that’s good to notice <nsadmin> lkthomas, maybe #lvm would be of more robust service to you, in specific to this case and in general in the future * vimpulse` thinks about Ubuntu on the desktop. I tend to install Ubuntu for Linux-using clients but use Debian myself. I’m not 100% sure why. <pmpforever> I am using synaptic to install arduino and its dependent packages <GVolkmann> gvolkman: debian,fya. yeah, I have that actually on squeeze. you just log in and it runs a script on login and logout. my concern is if they don’t log out but someone else opens a new browser, or when mul<pmpforever> At the end of th install it is asking for me to insert the debian disk <pmpforever> but I am running this on a vm <pmpforever> what can I do <nsadmin> check your sources.list <nsadmin> there may be cdrom sources enabled in that file <vimpulse`> GVolkmann: repeat — do you want to lock down the PCs so that the users can only use one single web app and cannot go to any other website or run any other software? * vimpulse muses more. Ubuntu is flashy but Debian stable has strong checks-and-balances built in to prevent Debian from releasing buggy packages. <patricx> please i’m looking for a way to fix these rrors! <GVolkmann> vimpulse: web app is locked down at the gateway. i need to lockdown the browser. <patricx> http://pastebin.com/PQHS5LDi <vimpulse> patricx: will you pay someone to fix it for you? <vimpulse> GVolkmann: what do you want browser users to not do? <patricx> vimpulse: i mean advises <vimpulse> patricx: you will not pay? <patricx> with thank you becaue it’s all i have <GVolkmann> vimpulse: no tools, no print, no save page as, no preferences, no bookmarks, etc. <vimpulse> GVolkmann: if you delete the whole home directory at logout, then why does it matter if they make bookmarks and such? :) <DynV> vimpulse: were all the question for me limited to curiosity or can you help? <vimpulse> GVolkmann: i very much enjoyed using the University of Ottawa main library’s Windows computers. IIRC they were totally not-locked-down. I could install VirtualBox and run Linux off a USB stick. When I re<vimpulse> DynV: I’ve never used apt-zip and can’t walk you through it, though I may be able to diagnose error messages. Nobody here will walk you through it. You must try and get an error message *then* request hel<vimpulse> Or consider burning Debian DVDs and installing from them. <patricx> vimpulse:^ <vimpulse> DynV: It’s frustrating, but by asking for help before you have an error message, you’re unlikely to get help. :( <DynV> vimpulse: I’ve tried to see how to use it, but I couldn’t find a turotial. I looked for an icon in the desktop menu and tried in the command apt-zip but neither amouted to anything <DynV> bash: apt-zip: command not found <DynV> and aptitude confirm it’s installed with the i flag <vimpulse> DynV: ah. Now you’ve provided an error message, so you’ve asked a good question. Hopefully now someone will help you. <vimpulse> patricx: dunno. Try http://www.google.fr/search?hl=en&q=“undeterminated+Error” for starters. <DynV> vimpulse: and my question mentioned I couldn’t find anything online, isn’t that some kind of error? <vimpulse> DynV: I suppose. Try http://wiki.debian.org/AptZip and the links. Or “dpkg -L apt-zip” then check for README files. <liable> DynV: dpkg -L apt-zip should give the binaries for the package, check its man page also <DynV> vimpulse liable : 8) I’m on it <cardamon> Ugh, Debian wiki, why are you always out of date? <DynV> on http://wiki.debian.org/AptZip I’ve noticed on the see also http://wiki.debian.org/AptOnCd which also seem interesting but I’m doubting it’s capacity ; the reason I didn’t want to use aptitude on this (Windows<nsadmin> someone is hacking it and erasing it? wikis are generally incomplete until there’s been years of users adding approprate, clear, informative content? <cardamon> nsadmin: More if old pages full of deprecated information which is still perfectly reachable by a search. <patricx> vimpulse i got nothing new <nsadmin> cardamon, that’s a general point about wikis versus maintained documentation <patricx> when i change mirros i have the same erros <patricx> errors <cardamon> I would really just like to install sun jdk. But Sun’s not making it easy. <nsadmin> when a lot of stuff is deleted from a wiki, it can be a good thing and still look suspicious if someone doesn’t take the time to look thru it and, as a test, follow the wiki directions to see if they work <cardamon> The lack of a sun jdk in the repo post squeeze makes it not easy either. <ksuhku> thanks to oracle <nsadmin> isn’t it in non-free? <cardamon> nsadmin: In squeeze it is, IIRC <cardamon> nsadmin: Me and my Wheezy are SOL. <nsadmin> maybe the squeeze package will work <nsadmin> or, can’t you get it from oracle? <pmpforever> Trying to install git through apt. Its telling me git-core is not availible but is refered to by another package. <pmpforever> What does this mean? <nsadmin> or, why upgrade to wheezy if an item that’s mission critical is not present? <nsadmin> also, why upgrade to wheezy if it’s known to be a moving target and not the stable release <cardamon> nsadmin: Oracle provides a tarball that just dumps it to a dir. Or an rpm. <nsadmin> what happens if you run alien on that rpm? <cardamon> nsadmin: never tried it. <nsadmin> admittedly, alien may or may not work <nsadmin> but, if you get the tarball and try that, it might work… try putting it in a dir off your home dir to start with (or maybe /usr/local, but NOT /usr) <cardamon> nsadmin: Alien spat out a deb. dpkg -i? <nsadmin> well you can certainly choose to do that if you want to try installing it… <nsadmin> again, alien is not guaranteed to work <mkad> HI <cardamon> Is there are way to see what dpkg would do? I don’t see a pretend option. <mkad> i have problem with some websites <mkad> buttons do NOT work.. <mkad> :( <mkad> please help <mkad> I think its mozilla issue <cardamon> Checked the batteries in your mouse? <mkad> cardamon, yes <nsadmin> there might be a dry run option… see dpkg –help <mkad> cardamon, I also tried touchpad <nsadmin> checked the mice in your batteries? <mkad> nsadmin, its with touchpad and mouse <mkad> and other links work <mkad> I can give example website <mkad> nsadmin, http://www.transportservice.nl <mkad> nsadmin, type 3582JK <nsadmin> cardamon, you could disassemble the .deb and look thru it… the maint scripts and the tarball is there <mkad> and press OK <mkad> nsadmin, does ok button work for You ? <mkad> with iceweasel 10.0 <nsadmin> usually <nsadmin> not sure what version I have… <nsadmin> which ok button? <mkad> but for this particular website <mkad> you type in post-code <mkad> 3582 JK <mkad> in the box <mkad> ahh.. <mkad> first click green button <mkad> Bekijk dirct.. <nsadmin> this seems like an awful weird web site :P <mkad> than type 3582 JK and click OK <mkad> nsadmin, this bug exists on more websites with latest firefox/iceweasel <mkad> does it work for You ? <nsadmin> 9.0.1 <mkad> nsadmin, is that in sid? <nsadmin> I do not run sid <nsadmin> if you do for any purpose besides testing, you need to keep backups. <xSmurf> hey all, anyone has a clue why my initrd hook would refuse to unmount a volume? <nsadmin> If you’re using sid for real work and you admit this, we can and some of us will… <nsadmin> !pol <nsadmin> !pal <nsadmin> dpkg: yer useless :P <dpkg> nsadmin: parse error: dunno what the heck you’re talking about <nsadmin> !sid <dpkg> The great thing about running sid is that, when it breaks you get to keep ALL the pieces!! <patricx> nsadmin: please a suggestion to fix my sources.list issues <nsadmin> the best one, is learn how a sources.list is formed (two forms are possible) as documented in man 5 sources.list <Yuqian> Why it said “syntax error near line 0″when i edited the”sudoers”file? <nsadmin> if you spend time and effort into understanding that material, you will not only be able to compose your own sources.list, but also you can explore a web or ftp site to determine how to build a sources.list l<xSmurf> because you have a syntax error somewhere <nsadmin> Yuqian, because it checked the syntax after you saved the file and found a problem <Yuqian> Why it said “syntax error near line 0″when i edited the”sudoers”file? <pmpforever> I am also having a sources.list issue. I have checked that the default 3 repositories are there however aptitude does not seem to be able to find any packages <Yuqian> Yes,i know it <Miesco_> How would I convert a flac file to mp3? <Yuqian> But the line 0 was empty <Miesco_> wait I think I got it <nsadmin> it said NEAR line 0 <nsadmin> (note that you have not shown the file to anyone that I’m aware of, so I’m not spending a lot of effort into this issue) <Yuqian> nsadmin: en,the line 0 is empty,and line 1 is”Cmnd_Alias SYSHALT = /sbin/halt,/sbin/reboot” <nsadmin> Yuqian, I haven’t read the docs on the format of this file… you need to <dr-evil> I have a linux router with 3 providers. It was configured by previus sysadmin. There is a strange problem I see. I can traceroute -s via 2 providers, and can’t via 3rd. Message I see is : send: Operation not <dr-evil> Any ideas? <no_gravity> Hello! Is it possible to mount something to a “temporary mountpoint” that goes away after unmounting? <dr-evil> no_gravity: mkdir /tmp/mountpoint; mount /dev/shit /tmp/mountpoint; umount /dev/shit; rm -rf /tmp/mountpoint <nsadmin> no_gravity, just write a script that does that <nsadmin> (which would necessarily have to run as root) <no_gravity> dr-evil: that would result in nothing. it would mount and then unmount and thats it. <no_gravity> nsadmin: does what? <dr-evil> no_gravity: make your alias to mount and umount <loop-> hey guys i just turned on my pc and it said debian what do i do next <nsadmin> no_gravity, are you not following a conversation that you started? :) <sephii> loop-: your pc is speaking? <no_gravity> dr-evil: then i will forget to unmount via alias or shut down without running the alias and the folder will stay forever. <loop-> text to speech. i believe mavis beacon invented it <nsadmin> that’s speech to text :) <loop-> visa versa <no_gravity> When I run debian and connect my notebook to my big monitor, everything gets very slow. It runs fast in ubuntu. Any ideas how to go about this? <nsadmin> how to go about what? the first thing you need to go about is to find out why this is happening <no_gravity> nsadmin: thats what i meant <manganese> no_gravity: It’d help if you gave more information. Like, are Debian and Ubuntu running on the same computer? What xorg driver are you using? Is it the same in both cases? Does Ubuntu load kernel module<manganese> no_gravity: And once you’ve figured some of that stuff out (and maybe compared the xorg logs while you’re at it) you’ll probably have a better idea where to start yourself <loop-> i only accept questions in .mp3 format <loop-> pitch counts <no_gravity> manganese: same computer. no idea about xorg, kernel modules and firmware and no idea how to find that out. but it seems the lag goes away when i set the rotation to “normal”. My monitor is standing upside<tarzeau> any idling sponsors around? <loop-> your monitor is upside down <manganese> no_gravity: Logs are in /var/log. You can check loaded kernel modules using ‘lsmod’ — the “comm” utility may be useful. Check messages about firmware in /var/log/messages (possibly also look in /var/log<streuner> tarzeau: doesnt they usually hanging mostly in #debian-devel around? :-P <manganese> no_gravity: Also, cosider solving the problem by turnig the monitor the right way around :-P